Sibelga Solarclick - Diverse sites

Sibelga Solarclick

Leefmilieu Brussel (Brussels environmental agency) and Sibelga are working closely together with a common goal: sustainability combined with low energy costs.

Eoluz installed an important part of the Solarclick project in 2018. We will also help them achieve their goals in 2019.

Some installations: Ecole Van Oost (Schaarbeek), Résidence van Aa (Elsene), Ecole Epep (Elsene), Home Puccini (Anderlecht), Ecole La Source (Evere), Zwembad Triton (Evere), Ecole du Homborch (Ukkel),  Administration Centrale (Ukkel), Cocinelles (Watermaal-Bosvoorde), Maison de l’entrepreneuriat (Brussel), Administration & Formation Teriaires (Brussel), Vivaqua (Brussel)

Location: Diverse sites

kWp: ca. 1 000