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Since our inception in 2007, Eoluz has grown into a well-known and established player in the industrial PV market. Having a strong track record and building on our longstanding expertise our services and custom-made solutions are highly valued by our clients. Thanks to these innovative solutions, we help more and more companies, local authorities, investors, … to access sustainable energy, to reduce their carbon footprint and to make a cost-efficient, cost-saving and profitable investment. Moreover, our renewable energy projects contribute to society by reducing the CO2-emissions and by promoting renewable energy as the one and only energy source of the future.

Our motto, philosophy and core value says it all: “building tomorrow’s energy together”. We strive for a valuable and long-lasting partnership whereby we identify solutions together to address the unique energy needs of your company. In close cooperation we define a general approach followed by a step-by-step strategy. Hereby, our collaborative relationship is continuously based on trust and mutual respect.

Our experience has taught us that transparency, customer-friendliness and expertise are the best success factors for a sustainable project.

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