Our activities can be divided into 4 parts.

  • Industrial PV-installations

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

  • System optimization

  • Relocation projects

Monitoring & Maintenance

It is to your and our advantage, that your solar installation provides a lifelong energy yield. Monitoring and proactive maintenance, whether or not under warranty, are therefore crucial.

Eoluz has a professional M&O department with extensive expertise to guarantee the optimal effciency and performance of your PV installation.

Of course we also offer maintenance contracts for installations which have not been installed by Eoluz. We are always at your service and happy to help wherever and whenever we can.

You have the option to conclude monitoring and maintenance contracts with a term of up to 20 years. For a detailed description, read our brochure.

  • Monitoring and incident detection:

    • Permanent monitoring of your installation
    • Via your web portal: follow-up installation and yield visualization
    • Incident reports when there are deviations
    • Intervention service consisting of competent, own technicians who are available 7/7 for incidents
  • Preventive maintenance:

    • Annual preventive check on:
      • Shading
      • Pollution
      • Aging symptoms of your installation and underlying supporting structure
    • Thermographic analysis
    • String analysis based on actual solar radiation
    • Cleaning with Osmosis water if necessary
  • Reporting:

    • Immediate notification via email if there are incidents
    • Benchmark yield of your installation with comparable installations and the RMI standard (good or bad solar year)
    • Annual report of your installation
    • If desired:
      • Real-time incident reporting via SMS
      • Meter reading analysis:
        • Revival
        • Injection
        • Decrease
    • Possibility of drone inspections (paying option)
  • Corrective maintenance:

    • Defects are repaired / repaired asap
    • Reactive maintenance on installations by expert technicians